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Innovative Sales & Leasing (ISL) was started in 1984 in Mountain View, California, as an alternative to conventional car buying. There was an obvious need for a way to buy or lease a motor vehicle, without having to endure the stressful shopping and negotiating process, so often associated with car buying. Since we have no product affiliation or loyalty, we function as a BUYER’S ADVOCATE!!

The business continued to grow steadily over the next several years, as people began to recognize the advantage of dealing with an auto broker. Rick Beels joined the company in 1987, after moving to the Bay Area from his home in Michigan. His experience in outside sales and customer service, added another layer of credibility to ISL, and the referrals started to pour in. In 1991, when the founders of ISL decided to move on to other ventures, Rick bought the business.

In 1993, Mike Feller joined forces with Rick Beels, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in the auto business. Mike is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was part of a family dealership in West Bend, Wisconsin. That direct experience and intimate knowledge of dealership operations has allowed him to build rapport with dealers and other suppliers. Having lived in the Bay Area since 1981, and managing the sales forces at some local dealerships, Mike knows how to get to the bottom line quickly for you.

Both Rick and Mike have extensive experience with auto auctions and other wholesalers. For you, this means that they are not only able to get the very best prices on new cars and trucks, but you can virtually “custom order” your used vehicles, as well. It's the closest thing to a "used car factory"! With access to dealers, wholesalers, wholesale auctions, and lease returns all over the country, Rick and Mike will be able to fill the automotive needs of you and your acquaintances everywhere.

Rick and Mike are also very well versed on commercial trucks and vans. If you have a commercial vehicle need, you can feel confident that the specifications will be done properly, and only the most reliable suppliers are used.

As of the writing of this text, Rick has almost 20 years of experience, Mike has 37 years, and Innovative Sales & Leasing has been continuously making life easy for their loyal clients for nearly 23 years! This does not happen by accident. You will not see our expensive ads in the yellow pages or in newspapers. Our satisfied clients do most of our work for us!

Whether you are looking to buy or lease, whether you want a new or used vehicle, whether it is for personal or commercial use, you need to call Rick or Mike at Innovative Sales & Leasing, and find out how easy and stress free your auto or truck buying experience can be. Find out why we are one of the oldest and most enduring auto brokers in the Bay Area. Find out why we are better than on-line services. Find out how we can cost you less than going directly to a dealer. Call Rick or Mike today!

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